AC Repair and Services, Greenville

Any time your air conditioner stops working it can lead to inconvenience and major discomfort, especially if it's in the hot summer season. Pitt Electric provides AC repair and services to help you reclaim your comfort and minimize the number of issues that you have. We've been providing air conditioning service in Greenville for almost 40 years and we are here to help you!

24/7 Emergency AC Repair

Almost every time your air conditioner is not cooling, it is going to feel like an emergency. But a complete failure in 95-degree heat is significantly worse than it just not cooling fast enough on a 75-degree day. Regardless, Pitt Electric can help you with an emergency air conditioner repair. We provide 24/7, fast and dependable service that you can count on. If you need emergency AC repair service, please call us at 252.355.2267 and hit 0.

AC Repair

The air conditioner doesn't always just completely stop working. Sometimes it happens subtly over a period of time, especially with an older unit. If you've replaced your air filters and the batteries in your thermostat and don't see anything on your air conditioning unit that is obvious, call on Pitt Electric to inspect your complete cooling and heating system to diagnose the issue. It may be a simple problem, like the need for more refrigerant or ductwork/vent adjustments, or it could be more complex like an issue with the air conditioner's condenser or compressor. Either way, you can rest assured that our skilled and experienced HVAC technicians in Greenville are going to take care of you and your home. Call us today if you are having issues with your AC unit.

AC Maintenance

One of the best ways to minimize AC emergencies is to keep your air conditioner properly maintained. Having your AC unit inspected and serviced regularly will help you extend the life of the system, improve your energy efficiency and save money on your bills. Through regular maintenance we will also be able to catch small problems before they turn into complete system failures. This is especially important in Greenville as the air conditioning units work extra hard in 90-degree temperatures during the summer months. Call us today to talk about what preventative maintenance plan would work best for you.

AC Installation

Making the choice to replace your air conditioning unit before it's completely broke down can be a difficult one. But, because new air conditioners are continuously becoming more efficient, you may find that you will save 20 to 40% on your cooling costs by upgrading to a new unit. A new unit can also help you reclaim a better quality of life if you are having to deal with inconsistent cooling or frequent repairs.

When it's time to replace that air conditioner, we will work closely with you to find a new model that will work best for your home or facility, and with your usage pattern. If you are considering a full AC replacement, give us a call today and let's talk about your options.

No matter what your AC needs are, trust the expert HVAC technicians at Pitt Electric to take care of you. Give us a call in Greenville today at 252.355.2267.