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There are few things that are more frustrating for a business owner or a facility owner than an electrical outage. That's especially true if the electrical outage could have been prevented. For most businesses lost power leads directly to lost revenue.

That's where Pitt Electric steps in. We work with business owners and facility managers across eastern North Carolina to maintain and monitor their electrical and mechanical systems to avoid unnecessary power outages and keep their business and/or their tenants operating at optimal levels.

Electrical Inspection and Maintenance

Unfortunately, some folks think that an electrical system is something that they don't really need to worry about maintaining, that it works and will just always work. That may be true in a small handful of instances but certainly not for commercial or industrial facilities.

The electrical systems in commercial and industrial facilities are more like a car, they need inspection and care. It's not a good idea to let your car go years without any care, and the same is true for the electrical system in your commercial or industrial facility. If you wait until it breaks down, it will be way too late and your cost will be much more than if you had done the preventative maintenance along the way. And depending on how serious the issue is, you may be risking the safety of your employees or tenants.

Keeping Your Electrical System in Optimal Condition

Call on Pitt Electric to help you maintain your electrical systems, controlling your costs and reducing your risk. We will keep your electrical in optimal condition and work to identify potential issues before they occur. We will help you plan for replacements and upgrades so that you can fit them in your budget proactively, and not have to take a big hit on your balance sheet for a costly reactive expenditure.

When the time comes for electrical capital improvements, we can help you there too.

While many of our electrical facilities management customers are located near our branches in Greenville, Garner and Wilmington, we can provide our services anywhere in the eastern half of North Carolina.

If you need a trusted partner to help you service and maintain the electrical system in your facility, now is the time to reach out to the experts at Pitt Electric. Contact us today at 252.355.2267 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to serving you!